Saturday, April 29, 2017
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2-Me-DMT.svg2-Me-DMT is currently unscheduled in the United States. However, this is a gray area of the law, which means it may be illegal via the federal analog act.

Addictive Potential: Unknown

Emergency Room Visits Yearly: Unknown

Mandatory Minimum Sentence: Unknown

Mechanism of Action: Unknown


2-Me-DMT is also known as 2-N,N-TMT and 2,N,N-Trimethyltryptamine. It is a research chemical of the tryptamine class. Shulgin (1995) reported that the oral dosage of 2-Me-DMT ranged from 50mg – 100mg with the duration of effects typically lasting for 4 to 6 hours. Shulgin described the effects of a 90mg oral dose as “the entire body … becoming activated (in a good way) but not much going on in the head. I am mentally clear but with the entire touch system a bit more activated than I would choose. This peaked at 3 hours, and was gone in another 3 hours. Everything is tactile.”

Side Effects and Adverse Reactions:

There is currently very limited empirical data available on the side effects, adverse reactions, long term damage, and/or addiction potential of 2-Me-DMT. Remember, research chemicals are experimental chemicals that are not approved for human consumption. This is because not enough data exists currently about their effects in humans. Although some people are willing to ingest the research chemical 2-Me-DMT, it is unreasonable to assume that it is in any way safe to use recreationally.


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