Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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25B-NBOMe (2C-B-NBOMe) Hospitalization

Today, NeuroSoup received a report of a hospitalization due to the consumption of 25B-NBOMe (2C-B-NBOMe). The bad reaction occurred after a Texas man consumed this substance thinking it was a dose of LSD. Later they found out that it was in fact the research chemical 25B-NBOMe.

25B-NBOMe 2D Molecule

25B-NBOMe 2D Molecule

 Here is the report submitted by Rio:

A good friend of mine decided to try acid for the second time. However the acid was actually fake, which we did not know at the time. He dropped one tab of normal looking blotter. At first he was fine enjoying his trip. But then we went back to another friends house with him, and he started to get really paranoid and anxious. He tried to commit suicide off my friends second floor apartment patio. He was constantly pacing back and forth. Then his trip turned even worse, and he started just repeating the same thing. Then he started to not even make sense, was just repeating any thing we told him. We had to leave my friends house cause his mom was about to be home. So I was just trying to help him settle down.

Then suddenly he started running the other direction in a big field. And climbed over a barbed wire fence and had cuts every where. One of them on his hand that he had to get 9 stitches for. The worse part was he didn’t even notice he was injured. As we were trying to catch him and settle him down he striped off all his cloths and started diving in front of cars on the free way. I had to tackle him to the ground several times to get him to stop. He jumped off a small bridge and started throwing large rocks at us. By this point his mom already knew he was tripping and was on her way to come pick him up. I finally got him wrestled to the ground, and then his mom got there and he just got up and got in the car like nothing happened. I have done the same exact blotter a few times and not had that effect. But I noticed that after taking it it makes me paranoid and anxious. And after the trip I have head aches and nausea.

Rio also explained that other people have had bad reactions:

My other friend dropped 2 tabs and was complaining of his left arm hurting really bad. Other than that I haven’t seen other terrible reactions. But I have heard story’s of thing like this happening to other people with this research chemical.

If you are reading this report, please spread the word and be careful. Research chemicals such as 25B-NBOMe have not been studied in humans. Therefore, there is no way to know the potential side effects and adverse reactions. For this reason, it is probably best to avoid the consumption of research chemicals if at all possible.


  1. 25B i have noticed has a lot more to do with your overall position in life. i can only assume that he calmed down when he saw his mother because of all the great memories and positive influences that she had over this particular persons life. Personally i have had a monstrous bad trip from 6 hits of B. i overcame because i have always been a very mentally sound and intelligent person, but i can only imagine the problems that tha B will throw in some peoples faces.
    s for your friends arm being sore, similar reports have been claimed by users of DOB and DOA and they assume it is because of the mass amount of blood sucked from the extremities to the head for the insane amount of activity that lies therein. In the DOB case a teenager lost a limb while he fell asleep and was forced to amputate. be so fucking careful with tha B, nobody knows how to even dose it right.

  2. plur

    For 25B-NBOMe its best to dose it 250 micrograms at a time. It’s very important to be careful with these phenethylamines that have the n-benzyl methoxy group though. At extreme doses they can definitely be fatal. This is why its important to use an Ehrlich test whenever you decide to drop acid. The “acid” that the person buys might actually be 25C-NBOMe, 25I-NBOMe or 25B-NBOMe.

  3. IRapedABearOnce

    Ive done alots and lots of 25i-nbomes. ( im honestly not sure which nbome it was, all i know was my dealer sold me thse so called “acid”, and turned out to be nbomes lol ) and there was a time where, i would take nbomes 5 days out of week for 2 months. there were times when i took 10 blotters to get 1 hit effect ( the tolerance built up real fast ) well, now im suffering the consequences. its been about 5 months since i called it off with nbomes, and i still see lingering visuals here and there.

  4. Ekstasis

    I suggest reading the big and dandy threads on the specific 2C-x-NBOMe. These are very new research chems so not many people have tried them yet unlike 2c-B ect which have been around for many years. These 2C-x-NBOMe chems have a very low dose range. There have been a number of overdoses and I believe some deaths. Even using at somewhat normal dose ranges some people have experienced quite sevier vasoconstriction where limbs have turned blue. Really if you are researching these compounds you should have a blood pressure metre & monitor heart rate through your experience. If your HR or BPM go too high you need to be ready to call a paramedic. It’s safe to say that almost everyone’s scales will not accurately weigh down low enough to weigh these compounds as dry pure powder to dose with (unless they own large university microgram scales). With milligram scales you’ll need to use liquid measurement. Basically the minimum weigh able mass is 20mg of compound for a 1mg accurate scale. You then dissolve in a measured amount of water containing alcohol (to stop microbes growing) Vodka will do unless you wish to snort the liquid in which case 37 or 40% alcohol burns too much up the nose. You then use an accurate syringe to measure up the dosages. You could otherwise buy pre-measured dosages on blotters but you would need to do your research to see if he knows what he’s doing. I wouldn’t trust buying 2C-x-NBOMe blotters on the street. Since it now seems apparent that unscrupulous dealers are selling 2C-x-NBOMe tabs as fake LSD tabs, all the more reason to cut up your tabs with scissors and dose slowly over the space of a couple of hours.

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