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5-MeO-MiPT Experience

by MissRabbit – November 8, 2010

Swim’s Short Bio – Swim is female, 22 years old, 5’6, and weighed 108lbs the day before taking 5-meo-mipt but hardly doubts that Swim lost weight mid trip.

Dose: 4mg at 4:30pm – Swim’s excuse to her boyfriend was she was going to clean house, which is the usual excuse when experimenting.

Dose: 6mg(ish) at 6:30pm(ish) – Swim noticed that she felt a slight moreish want to feel more intoxicated and get more visuals. Swim’s friend who she received the 5-meo-mipt from advised to take the 6mg cap first and then wait an hour and a half and if the visuals weren’t too intense take the 4mg cap. Swim did not follow this advice and further regretted it.

Experiences: Within 10 minutes of taking the 4mg tab Swim recalls telling her boyfriend that she was starting to feel good, which is unusual for anything that Swim has tried when it comes to a drug other than mephedrone and cocaine, but the feeling almost felt like coming up on what Swim would say it feels like to come up on ecstasy for the first time. One side effect that Swim was not fond of early on was the heavy body load. After the 5-meo-mipt started to kick in more with the visuals Swim desired to take more so she popped open her other gel capsule of the white powder and put small amounts on her finger and placed it on her tongue. After doing this a few times over the course of about 90 minutes and getting more and more intoxicated Swim opened the capsule and poured the rest of the of the powder in her mouth and held it on her tongue. Swim doesn’t remember if Swim swallowed before spitting because when the visuals became extremely intense, and different than anything Swim had experienced before she got nervous and spit into a cup.

Swim watched Across the Universe early in to the trip and then tried to turn on Indian in the Closet but was not into watching any movies…

Swim did get a little anxious after dosing after watching the movie because Swim’s boyfriend went to his sister’s house, but not about how hard the trip was, but because Swim was nervous that he was disappointed….

Swim did puke twice throughout the night, but it was nothing unpleasant which was kind of odd… Swim didn’t experience major cramping as some have mentioned but it was very hard to fall asleep, even after taking 1.5mg Clonazepam. It was probably 2:30am before Swim fell asleep and she had to work the next day at 8:30.

The day after Swim felt kind of dulled mentally, but not hung over, and that could have been from the Clonazepam not the 5-meo-mipt. Usually Swim crochets while at her job the next day, all day, but she did not at all which is the first time in a very long time.

Overall Swim would say the experience was interesting and would try it again

Swim did not note any sexual enhancement but knows that it came from a very reputable place and saw the bag it came out of that had the chemical name on it… Swim just wasn’t that lucky ;p

Also, Swim did not eat for 8 hours before taking capsules.

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