Wednesday, April 26, 2017
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NeuroSoup is based upon principles of harm reduction and strives to educate people around the world on responsible drug use. We hope to educate people about the positive and negative aspects of all drugs, whether they are legal, available by prescription, or illegal. Moreover, NeuroSoup aids in addicted individuals’ recovery by providing online self help drug and alcohol rehab resources.

As well, NeuroSoup contends that through the use of the many consciousness expansion tools currently in existence (including spirituality, entheogens, lucid dreaming, meditation, yoga, and sensory deprivation, among others), people can grow spiritually to realize their full potential. We strive to provide resources for people as they walk down this path of consciousness exploration.


1. Provide full list of all known entheogens, entactogens, psychiatric drugs, stimulants, inhalants, and sedatives with pictures, descriptions, and research studies that evaluate the full spectrum of the positives and negatives of use. We realize that ultimately it is the individual’s choice as to what substances he/she decides to put into his/her body. Therefore, we hope to provide resources so that each individual can make educated decisions regarding their health, personal growth, spiritual development, and overall path in life.

2. Conduct research studies that further empirical knowledge about the use of psychedelic substances. Thus far, NeuroSoup has carried out the following studies:

  • Mescaline Containing Cacti User Survey (Approved by the IRB of Washburn University; results published on NeuroSoup)
  • MDMA Facebook Survey (results published in MDMA for PTSD)
  • LSD, Psilocybin, and DMT User Survey (results published on NeuroSoup)
  • Best Hallucinogens for 4th of July Poll (results published on NeuroSoup)

3. Provide an online informational library of all the past and current research regarding the medical applications of entheogens.

4. Provide resources with information on the diagnosis and treatment of HPPD for harm reduction.

5. Provide educational materials on the various world religions.

6. Provide resources on natural ways to alter consciousness including spirituality, lucid dreaming, meditation, yoga, and sensory deprivation, among others. We hope that providing these resources will help individuals realize their full potential as a human being in our society without risking their health by utilizing various legal, quasilegal, or illegal substances.

7. Provide resources on drug/alcohol addictions treatment for educational and harm reduction purposes.

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