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Another Salvia Trip

By Nobleman Nash Hollowhill – April 1, 2010

Last night I smoked some 10x and felt like the people I was looking at were connected to the wall. The wall was part of their skin and they were sticking just slightly forward out from it. That’s all.

Tonight I smoked 20x salvia divinorum twice and it was very kind to me.

I now have absolutely real personal confirmation that we can travel to places without the passage of time and inhabit the consciousness of other people who share the same language of thought. It was as if every thought that occurs in this present moment is the lapping of waves at the edge of a vast sea of interconnected intention and confusion.

The first salvia bowl tonight showed me only one thing, the meaning of Terence McKenna’s explanation that you must look at the back of your eyelids with the intention of seeing something when you smoke salvia. I was sitting in my zafu and zabuton and overtone/throat singing. That was all that I came away with after that experience, but this one was far more revealing.

In the beginning the colors behind my eyelids started flowing together and forming a chain of orange-brown eyes, or clam-shaped diamonds in checkerboard patterns. After both of these sessions I felt extremely relaxed and glowing with awe at the beauty of my environment.

After the eyes started coalescing together they seemed to form the skin of the creature that is the combined body of all humanity. I realize now that the reason animals are so rarely a feature of my salvia induced telepathy is because they are on a completely different wavelength of thought. This boundary can of course be traversed with a high enough dose of salvia, but it will not be the first place you go.

It also felt like the tone of my thoughts was dictating the shape in which the closed eye visuals were moving, and at no point did it actually look like a human body. It looked like a collection of limbs and mouths and eyes. I began to sweat quite profusely. I started thinking that the sounds that I was making were the primary sounds made by all of humanity, and the music, being a degree of lesser intensity than my own voice, seemed to simply exist in the background. I knew that Adam was behind me but I could not see him. He was not the primary identity in the room that I was aware of, nor was I. Everything was part of the same entity, and we were simply fidgeting around in the edges of it. The illusion that creates a sense of identity was nonexistent. I realized that identities are meaningless.

I traveled through my own thoughts to the headspaces of people who had taken too much salvia and began to speak nonsensically in a panicked state. The first few words are expressions of pure confusion. Eventually the topic of conversation merges with the train of thought that the words being spoken are the ultimatum mantra of all of humanity, and that all bodily movement is a repetition unless it accomplishes something. At this point in time the discovery that many identities are here and now may or may not surface. Ultimately the final realization on a high enough dose is that we are all one, and that everything is connected, the eternal now is continuous, there is no such thing as past or future or separation both physical and mental. We are one with God, the oversoul.

I felt my own calm presence interfering with the confused salvia smokers’ experiences, one of them might have even been me a few years ago. I could feel the fear that these people had of their situation and I drifted past and through several of them. My thoughts are on a different wavelength, one of compassion toward my environment even in conditions where it seems like salvia is getting the better of me.

I was one with the collective awareness of the human race, and the ocean welling up behind me of stored information none of us are conscious of was slowly ebbing and flowing closer to the present moment.

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