Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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Astral Projection via Lucid Dreaming

By Krystle Cole

You may be able to use the MILD Lucid Dream Induction method to attain astral projection (I have done this), but most people report having success using the WILD method. So, that is what I discuss here:

Step 1: Lucid Dream Induction via WILD – The wake-initiated lucid dream occurs when you enter REM sleep with an unbroken stream of consciousness, directly from your waking state. There are many techniques aimed at helping you enter a WILD. The key to most of these techniques is recognizing the hypnagogic stage of sleep. If you are successful at staying aware while this stage occurs, you will eventually enter the dream state while being fully aware that it is a dream.

There are key times at which WILD is best induced. Success at normal bedtime after having been awake all day is very difficult. Although, it is relatively easy after sleeping for 3–7 hours or during an afternoon nap.

Step 2: Vibrational State – During the actual transition into the dream state, you are likely to experience sleep paralysis. People report many sensations and experiences during this period including “rapid vibrations, a sequence of loud sounds and a feeling of twirling into another state of body awareness, drifting off into another dimension, or the images and sceneries they are thinking of and trying to visualize gradually sharpen and become real.” When you feel this vibrational state, try to visualize yourself moving out of body. Once you are lucid and out of body, you can visit any place or dimension imaginable.

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