Wednesday, December 13, 2017
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Best Music for Trips

I share the music I find most complimentary to the altered states of awareness evoked by various entheogens and empathogens. This video is part of the NeuroSoup Question and Answer video series.

Please note: This video is only meant to be educational and thought-provoking. It is not intended to promote substance use, whether that substance is legal or illegal.

Hosted by Krystle Cole:

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  1. Good recommendations in the vid.
    There are some deeper end of the pool things I will mention here
    If you like Deep Forest check out DreamTime Return by Steve Roach-won’t be sorry.
    For LSD
    The ultimate is likely either Ascension or Live In Seattle by Coltrane ( recorded in 65, the entire band apparently took LSD before playing) but hang on- John Mclaughlin said he astral projected the first time he heard Ascension on LSD-not saying that will “happen” just maybe listen with a guide, its pretty intense
    Also: Alice Coltrane “Ptah The El Daoud” or Journey in Satchidananda”
    Alan Silva “Seasons” parts one and two- sort of the Ultimate Buddhist free jazz
    Although Sun Ra’s “Nothing Is” can find you misplacing your ego.
    Stockhausen- Either Stimmung or Sternklang or Sirius although “Cosmic Pulses”, his final work has a lot of info.
    the above is for serious psychonauts only
    Rockier stuff:
    Gong:Radio Gnome Invisible trilogy
    Steve Hillage” Fish Rising” best psychedelic guitar ever
    Bill Laswells’ group-“Extasis”
    Terry Riley”Poppy Nogoods All Nite Flight” or “Shri Camel”

    The aforementioned Hillage today plays modern day psychedelic techno as “System 7” anything they do is good
    Shpongle is great, or any of Posford’s side projects ( Hallucinogen, Younger Brother)- lots of entheogenic positive energy
    Higher Intelligence Agency and The Heavenly Music Corporation are also good electro
    Move D and Jonah Sharp ( aka “Spacetime Continuum”) have a collaboration called Reagenz that is worth a listen-and some free live sets on soundcloud
    If anyone is into classical the third movement of Bruckner’s 8th symphony can take one to a blissful level
    Philip Glass :”Music in 12 Parts” is also good
    Coming down
    Eno- Discreet Music;Music for Airports
    likely more but all for now- listening while tripping can be part of an intensely spiritual path

    Steve Hillage: Fish Rising ( best psychedelic guitar ever IMO)
    Clearlight:Symphony, Delired Chameleon Family, Visions
    Tangernine Dream”Ricochet”
    Klause Schulze:”Timewind”

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