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Dangers of Mephedrone Use

By Simon – December 11, 2009

Recently there has an uprising of a new research chemical named Mephedrone (aka mcat or meow meow). It has taken the place of MDMA in the drug culture over the last year as it has almost identical effects (Euphoria, rushes, empathy, sociability, jaw tension, raised body temperature etc.). It is cheap, incredibly pure and easy to get hold of and has a very high potential for abuse.

This new drug, although it sounds appealing, has a very dark side to it. Because of the short duration of the effects, users feel that they must redose about once every 20 minutes, this leads to the drug being completely used up by the end of a night and always leaves users wanting more. It is highly addictive and, because of the very high purity level ( about 95% on average), it is more addictive than almost any other street drug (for example cocaine or heroin). It is, 9 times out of ten, snorted and is highly corrosive, this leads to extreme damage of the sinuses and nasal passages.

This drug is currently uncontrolled in all but 6 countries, the police are incapable of controlling it and the government have still not taken any action to illegalise it. Once it has been banned it will take it’s place among other infamous drugs like cocaine and heroin, and this is the place it deserves.

This drug has destroyed lives and relationships across social groups. It destroyed my relationship with my partner and now it has taken a life from my friendship group. This is my reason for writing this article, as now this is a serious issue, now a 14 year old is dead because of this evil drug and the government are too blind to see that it was mephedrone that killed her. This is why I ask you, the entheogenic culture, to look out for this substance and not to take it, it’s a decision you will undoubtably regret. I myself have never touched the stuff because of what it did to my friends.

I hope this information is useful to you.

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