Thursday, May 25, 2017
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Reagent Drug Test Kit Chart


Note: This chart was submitted by an anonymous member of the NeuroSoup community. NeuroSoup cannot guarantee its accuracy. The information is provided “as is” with no warranties whatsoever, and the information they provide should aways be double-checked/verified via other resources. We suggest seeking the advice of professionals (physicians, psychiatrists, substance abuse counselors) during this process of evaluation. In essence, it is your responsibility to evaluate the accuracy of this information.

More test kit charts can be consulted below:





Test kit charts not listed in the chart above:





Meditest/Pen Test:


  1. NeuroSoup

    If you have any suggestions regarding the test results (i.e. you’ve tested research chems that aren’t listed or you’ve gotten different results on the substances listed), please comment here. This way we can improve this test kit chart together for harm reduction. Thanks 🙂

  2. Ekstasis

    I’ve checked many harm reduction resources that have listed reactions to research chemicals and I believe this website listed below is the best one currently available and in many cases uses all 5 of the common reagents (Marquis, Mandelin, Mecke, Simons & Robadope) for much more accurate results results:

    if you need to post questions, or post a photo of the unknown research chemical you’ve tested you can easily do that there and people often respond quickly.

    The first page covers a huge list of research chemicals with pictures but if you are don’t find what you are looking for there then just look on the more recent pages of that thread. For example a user posted some good pictures of the reactions to MXE (methoxetamine) halfway down page 5 and then down near the bottom of page 6 is some good photos of the reactions to 5-MAPB and 6-APB with a direct comparisons of the differences seen when testing MDMA.

    The added advantage of that site it it’s a forum so many people people post their reactions and collaborate findings for improved accuracy. From members posting their different reactions people have been made aware of in the past some of the various fake, or impure batches of a particular research chemical.

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