Friday, May 26, 2017
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Flashbacks: Shamanic Colonic

Krystle Cole of NeuroSoup discusses the time she took anal DMT (i.e. the Shamanic Colonic). This video is for harm reduction and educational purposes only. It is not intended to promote the use of any substance.

Since DMT is an illegal substance in most countries, being in possession of it or consuming it is illegal. Please DO NOT break the law. Rather than using the substance yourself, let this video satisfy your curiosity about the effects of anal DMT.

For a more detailed discussion of the Shamanic Colonic, see Krystle’s book Lysergic 

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  1. ...jtv...

    For whatever reason i would like to share some thoughts i have about tripping on lsd. for me i have come to the conclution that the trip never ends, my brain somehow figures out a way for everything to appear “normal” well pretty close to normal if that exists. Recently i came across 25i and mda, so i found the time to ingest 200 mg mda & 2 hits blotter i placed the blotter under my tounge for about 40 min then chewed on it until it was slimy i then ate the mda. Now the neat part is it was around 12 years since i tripped on anything.the ride up was incredibly familiar i recall thinking to myself wow it sure is nice to come home, what i mean by that is the frame of mind i entered felt very safe and comfortable. I am not telling anyone to do anything illegal or dangerous i am simply sharing an experience i had. I am now 41 years of age the trip i took was oct 2012, i got my hands on some mdma that i am excited to consume just waiting for that special time when i can relax and take a trip. Sometimes its a little tricky with a 18 year old daughter and an executive girl friend. Im sure they would frown upon this behavior so i will be patient until that special time appears..thanks for letting me share and i am in no way promoting the use of any illegal substances or behavior. Be safe out there everyone..

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