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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Recipe

By Carpenterdude – October 26, 2009

The following recipe is presented here for harm reduction and educational purposes only. NeuroSoup does not recommend the use of controlled substances. Cooking and consuming controlled substances can be dangerous, so always consult multiple sources to educate yourself before attempting any recipes. NeuroSoup does not guarantee the validity or safety of this recipe; it was submitted by a member of the NeuroSoup Community. Furthermore, NeuroSoup assumes that the author resides in a state or country where it is legal to make this recipe and in writing this recipe the author has the intention of readers being in a state or country where this substance is legal.

I have taken Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds many times and have used several methods of ingestion.

The harshest one from a taste and gastric perspective is chew ’em and eat ’em. You may get cramping … gas, vomiting, and diarrhea. If you realize you’ve just got gas it helps you from kinda spinning out on the digestive effects.  I find the taste waxy and generally icky. But I must say even with the discomfort the trip is well worth it.

I continued trying to find a way to make the digestive effects less of an issue. What I found worked much better is to crush the seeds in a skillet using a small sauce pan as a roller to crush open the seeds. After that you soak the desired amount of seeds in water for 6-12 hours. Strain and drink… Still can feel a bit funky but much better.

The best way to make any preparation is to thoroughly scrape all dark surfaces on each seed with a good sharp pocket knife or exacto blade until you see a whitish sheen appear on the seeds…The more you scrape that stuff away the cleaner it will feel. I also find sand paper works well to wear away this coating. Many articles on the subject say that much of the toxin is on the outer coating of the seed. One could use this technique with the above methods of ingestion and I believe it will make a huge difference. I have found the best way is to grind up the well scraped seeds in a clean coffee grinder and use gel caps from a health-food store and just swallow them down. I also highly recommend fasting for 4 or more hours before ingestion… i have found that a shot of liquor shortly before ingestion seems to relax the stomach… nausea and cramping are greatly reduced or eliminated …. I find the effects very comparable to LSD. 6-8 hours or more for the whole experience is typical… Make sure you have Hawaiian grown seed as these contain the most active ingredient. These are generally quite a bit more expensive but well worth it at about $4 per dose. Again the most important thing is to scrape the seeds as well as you can … This takes a while … it’s a good time to be meditating on your intentions while doing this preparation… happy trails!

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