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Help – FAQ

I tried to login but my username and password does not work.

NeuroSoup consists of three separate websites (the main site, the trip report area, and the members area). You will need to register separately for each portion of the site. You may use the same username and password or create separate ones. Sorry for the inconvenience, but due to the size of the website and the complications with the user interface we are unable to integrate all portions of the site at this time.

If you do not remember whether you registered with a particular portion of the site, attempt to find a lost password. If you have registered previously, your lost password can be emailed to you. If you have more questions, you could also always contact us. We are happy to try to help you sort it out.

I would like to change my profile picture/avatar.

Option one: Profile pictures throughout the site utilize Gravatar images. Log into the website with the email address that you registered with on NeuroSoup and update your Gravatar image.

Option two: You can also edit your profile on the NeuroSoup website and upload a profile picture. Please use small images, otherwise the upload will timeout.

How to post a trip report

You must first sign up for a free/public account. Login using the username and password you selected.

Then go to:

Important things to include in your trip report

Trip reports are a great way to share information about lesser known psychedelics/entheogens in the spirit of harm reduction, but there are things beyond the effects and duration that are good to mention when writing about your experience. Here are a few important items to be sure you include in your trip report(s).

  • Dosage. If you are estimating your dosage, be sure to mention that it is an estimate.
  • Your weight. This is important as it reflects your dose/weight ratio.
  • Side Effects. Be sure you include any side effects you experienced, both positive and negative.
  • Self-preparation.  Did you fast or meditate before your experience?  If you did do anything special with your mind and body beforehand, be sure to mention it.

How to embed YouTube videos into your posts

First you must obtain the link from your YouTube video. You do this by clicking on the “share” button beneath your YouTube video. Your link appears and then you copy it to the clipboard on your computer.

Next you log in to NeuroSoup’s trip report area and create a new post. On the screen you will see the visual editor. Click the YouTube icon and follow the instructions.

All trip reports and articles are held for moderation

Once you are a registered member, you can post. All posts are held for moderation for up to 72 hours. To ensure your post gets accepted, make sure it is categorized correctly and has the correct tags (keywords). Videos will not be accepted that are links; they must be embeded into your post with a video player (ie through youtube, vimeo, etc). Also, posts will not be accepted that contain more than one link.

Contest  Eligibility

From time to time, NeuroSoup has contests for free items such as books and artwork.  Individuals who submit trip reports must be over the age of 18 in order to be eligible for contest entry. People in the who live in the United States and internationally are eligible.  It also must be made clear that by having contests for submissions of trip reports, NeuroSoup is in no way recommending for any person to use illegal substances. NeuroSoup assumes people will submit trip reports regarding substances they have used in the past or will submit trip reports on natural altered states of consciousness such as meditation and lucid dreaming.

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