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How Salvia Divinorum Works Inside Your Body

by Prakash – Uploaded on October 8, 2009

Salvia is being used as recreational drug by millions. Though, there is a lot of controversy associated with the usages of salvia however it is not a new thing that salvia is being used. There are many people who take the recreation drug of salvia on a regular basis and hence many other people are interested to know how salvia works. This article will help you to know how salvia works on mind and body.

The primary fact that is to be understood about salvia is alters the position of your assemblage point and hence the motor skills are lost. How salvia works is extremely special and hence its effect is much more intense than its counter parts. Salvinorin A is a major psychoactive compound that is found in nature and this compound of salvia results in elated reaction.

The major difference between other varieties of sage and Salvia divinorum is that there is salvinorin in salvia. How salvia works depends on its formation that includes carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms. The presence of salvinorin A is salvia is 96% and salvinorin Bermuda islands is 4%. Salvinorin A is one of the strongest natural psychoactive stuff but salvinorin B is not that much stronger.

Salvinorin is not like any other drug. Unlike the other drugs that include the most natural alkaloid contents, salvinorin is a diterpene. This is a major chemical difference as salvinorin A does not provide any reaction on urine tests for opiates or other alkaloid drugs. It has unique strength that can be felt after inhaling it. When 250 micrograms is inhaled the effect will be milder while consuming 1 milligram of salvia can cause massive impact.

It is very essential to know how salvia works as consuming it without proper knowledge can cause few side effects. If a person chews of smokes salvia, then there can be some ill consequences such as a feeling of being in an changed state or intense laughter. Salvia has varied effects and some effects might not de desirable. There are several people that go through a sense of fright without any proper reason or there are people who have experienced certain reactions to medical problems after using salvia.

Thus, numerous medical community does not wish to bother how salvia works as a recreation drug and discourage the utilization of the herb. This is fact, that till now there is no proper proof of how salvia works for the betterment of humankind. However, it can be said that few research works were conducted on the rats with double dosage that is used for humans and there has not been any problems like damage of organs.

Salvinorin A is a tough discriminating kappa opioid receptor agonist. The kappa opioid receptors or the proteins in the body are bound by Salvinorin A. It powerfully stimulates the vision-inducing kappa receptors but does not set in motion the compulsion generating mu receptors. That is the reason why, salvinorin A results tough effects on vision. However, salvinorin is not addictive. This is how salvia works.

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