Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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Integral Psychedelics: Rituals Before Entheogenic Journeys

“We need to think in advance about what kinds of practices we might want to undertake in approaching a psychedelic rite of passage—perhaps fasting, perhaps meditating, perhaps reading certain holy books. Maybe we will want to formulate a question or a prayer or an intention that we will carry with us.” -Ram Dass


“I feel that it’s really valuable to look into the ritual history of the place where you live or the place where you’re working.” -Kathleen “Kat” Harrison

“Meditation is probably the best preparation. Those who have spent time in a solitary attempt to manage the mind, to eliminate thought and reach higher stages of concentration, are the best candidates for a psychedelic session.” -Timothy Leary

“Remember, set and setting are the key determinants of the quality of the experience…” -Dennis McKenna

Art “Cosmic Krystle” by Gregory Folken

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