Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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Interview with the Psychedelic Band Jug Bundish

by Krystle Cole

KC: Since people here in the United States might not have heard of Jug Bundish, can you give a brief introduction to you and your band?

JB: Jug Bundish is a psychedelic alternative band from Costa Rica. We’ve been active in the costarican music scene since 2014 having perfomances in the main venues of San José. The name comes from a vivid dream lived by one of the six members in which a dark giant flat-faced cyclops “dog” named Jug Bundish appeared.

Jug Bundish

KC: Could you tell me about your music?

JB: Our music can be described as a cocktail of emotions, life-changing experiences and ethereal scenarios. The intention of our music consists in making the listening experience a dialogue of textures and perceptions that try to wake all the senses, and try to evoke in the listener the curiosity of searching in his own self. To make this possible we try to think somewhere outside the box and mix a variety of styles. We don’t like to feel restrained from experimenting with genres and to be determined as just one musical mood.

KC: As band, do you ever trip together? If so, which psychedelics do you prefer and why.

JB: Yes, we have tripped together. Nevertheless, not all the six members of our band together. We used LSD and that has been the only psychedelic we have tried together. The first time we did it, it was at one of our members’ family summer house. We tried with one blotter first and the experience was quite enlightening and warm. The second time was with the same amount of acid and the mood was similar to the first one. However, for the next time we tried with a blotter and a half, and the experience was quite different since one of our members had a bad trip. Although, from that bad trip we ended up strengthening our bonds and it was enlightening as well. The reason we preferred LSD over other psychedelics was related with the accessibility we had to psychedelics. It was the most reliable hallucinogen/entheogen we had available for the moment and that was trustful, meaning that we knew it was safe and wasn’t mixed with harmful substances.

KC: Have you or any of the other band members experienced a bad trip?

JB: Yes, our bassist. When we took a blotter and a half, things began to get a little bit messy. He experienced very strong hallucinations, a lot of anxiety and difficulties to stay with us. At some point in the peak, 5 or 6 hours after we took the trip, he began telling us that he wasn’t feeling quite well. The place began to turn darker and uncomfortable. The energy flowing out of him was full of fears and massive anxiety. He wanted to overcome the symptoms of the acid and wanted the effect to go away at that moment, but you know, that is impossible at that point. There was a bitter essence building up, so big that actually we were able to smell it. It was a bitter smell, mixed with grey scenarios within our concern of not having any idea of what to do. He jumped into a pool with a lot of stuff in his pockets, climbed to the house table and let himself go straight to the ground, fortunately we were able to catch him on his way down, he also began to run away with no specific direction, in total confusion. Even his face was of a lot of concern and really creepy, which we think really communicated what he was feeling at that time. That was the moment when the rest of us, two of the band members and other two mates, decided to face him and sit down with him until he started to feel better or more comfortable. After a couple of hours we finally achieved to calm him down. It was a difficult experience, however, it enhanced our bonds as friends and gave us a really strong and divine message.

KC: How did you or the other band member work/cope with the fear and anxiety from the bad trip?

JB: Faith, love and patience. A lot of patience. We tried to give him a safe place, food and company, so he could be in a relaxed mood again. When we faced him and sat down with him, we were all really focused on just bringing up the best and most positive energies of all. We tried to put some relaxing music, but it wasn’t that effective. We left the silence and ourselves struggling with him, thinking about nice stuff and finally giving him that comfort so he could feel better. It was really interesting to feel how we were all connected even in our thoughts. This because when we thought something nice and chilled, the smell turned sweeter and the sun came out to conquer those grey scenarios already mentioned. But, when we thought about how frightened we were of having him in that state of confusion and that he wasn’t answering sometimes, the bitter essence and grey stuff came back. It was a constant struggle between fears and hopes, but we were all focused because we cared a lot about our friend and we wanted him to feel better no matter what.

KC: Where can we find and listen to more of your music? Are you playing any upcoming shows/events?

JB: Our album can be found in several online platforms: Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon Music, Tidal and Deezer. We have some shows in Costa Rica by August, September and one scheduled on November. It is still low season, so if you anyone is interested on getting down here to a gig, we promise a nice show and much more that our country has to offer.


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