Wednesday, December 13, 2017
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  1. i was watching your video and a taught passed trou my head… maybe hppd is the first step to unlocking our mind. we know that reality is no reality at all and perception is all we are aware of. maybe hppd moments is realy us standing in the doorway and all we need is one more push to cross over. my hppd moments are like my hole surrounding starts waving like the floor, the walls ect… i like it but i understand how disconcerting it can be. if you accept it you will be able to control it. sometimes i shut it down because the moment is wrong but other times i just push it farther and farther until i almost lose myself. in our society we tend to think that anything that differs from the norm is an abortion to be treated, ridiculed and shunned yet in reality our greatest moments were realized by those who took the journey in the unknown. i refer you to my ayahuasca healing video. hope you like it 😉

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