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Addressing the Rumors…

by Krystle Cole – June 10, 2009

During the past month, spammers have been targeting NeuroSoup with all sorts of different allegations. The main allegations are:

  • NeuroSoup is funded and ran by the DEA
  • I kidnapped and tortured a teenager

In this article I intend to address these issues so that we will be able to put them to rest. I have not hidden anything in my past, in fact, I wrote a book about it. Lysergic was published several years before I even started doing NeuroSoup or YouTube videos.  Because of this, I thought most people knew my back story. Since the spammers started targeting me, I have realized that many people don’t know the real story. I feel that everyone should be informed, so here goes…

I’m sure you have already heard some of the spammers’ side of the story, but here it is once again:

Government informant Gordon Todd Skinner, along with his wife Krystle Ann Cole Skinner and William Ernest Hauck, an Oklahoma truck driver, have been charged with kidnapping, conspiracy to kidnap, torture of a teenager, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and drug trafficking. Allegedly the trio kidnapped a Broken Arrow 18 year old from a Tulsa hotel on or about July 4th. The teenager was a former companion of Ms. Skinner while she and her husband Gordon Todd Skinner were separated. The teen was held captive for 6 days in Oklahoma and Texas, beaten and injected with drugs as an act of revenge.

Just as a refresher, who is Gordon Todd Skinner? Todd was the DEA informant that turned in William Leonard Pickard and the largest LSD lab ever busted in history. Todd was also charged with murder at one time but he got off those charges because of his immunity for narcing out Pickard. Beyond that, Todd was a con man that swindled every person he came across.

As a side note: I want to make it clear that I did not testify against William Leonard Pickard, Todd did. I was subpoenaed to go to trial, I pled the fifth and left the courtroom. Since then, I have signed several affidavits for William Leonard Pickard to help with his appeals. I realize these affidavits sort of make me look bad, especially if read in the wrong context; I signed them for the purpose of helping him. I could care less what they make me look like. His freedom is much more important than my reputation.

Who is William Hauck in all of this?  Todd introduced him to me as an old Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) buddy that worked for him as a part time hit man. Todd explained to me that I had never met him before because he was only brought in, in case of an emergency. Todd hadn’t seen him for eight years, and then he just showed up two weeks before Brad [changed victims name for his privacy] was kidnapped. I was scared to death of Hauck. His emotionless demeanor totally freaked me out. He carried a gun that had a metal military seal on the side of it, so at the time I tried to stay out of his way. During court Hauck claimed that he was only a truck driver. Defense Intelligence Agency, Truck Driver, or Both? Who knows… All I can say is that William Hauck knew way too much about medical procedures, torture techniques, how the government operated, and other things that out of fear for my safety I’m afraid to talk about. All I can say is that I truly believe that he was/is not just a truck driver.

*             *           *

Todd was physically abusive to me for the last year we were together. This is the main reason why I tried to get away from him. I was living away from Todd in a house by myself, when I started dating Brad. Brad was one of Todd’s 18 year old MDMA dealers. I would also like to make it clear that I was 21 years old at the time when all of this happened. So, when Todd found out that we were dating, it made him jealous and angry.

Todd tried several things to get me back. First, he drugged me against my will. On several different occasions he dosed my house with a hallucinogen that made me trip really hard. He then tried to convince everyone around me at the time that I was perma-fried. He tried to convince everyone that I was crazy and that I was spontaneously tripping for no reason. When this didn’t work, he went to my boyfriend’s house, took me by my neck, and dragged me into his car by force. Then he threatened to drive us both off a bridge if I did not stay with him. I escaped from the car and went to the police. I filed a police report about how he kidnapped and assaulted me. Then the police took photos of the bruises on my neck, arms, and legs. Brad came there and also gave a police report about what Todd had been doing to me. After this, we both went down and got temporary restraining orders against Todd. The sheriffs could never find Todd to serve him; the only thing the temporary restraining orders did was make Todd more angry. Things started to escalate and my boyfriend and I were scared.

During the time period before the kidnapping, I was also raped and sodomized by Todd (after he drugged me against my will). I wouldn’t even remember any of it, if Todd hadn’t bragged to me about it later when I was sober.

Because of Todd’s behavior, I was afraid for my life and I was also afraid for the lives of many of the people Todd was coming in contact with. He was very violent and out of control. Because we felt the we had no better choice, Brad and I went to the DEA and told them about Todd’s activities. Todd was out of control in more ways than just abusing me; he had set up a lab and was putting out a really bad form of “black tar” LSD that gave everyone that tried it seizures. I tried to reason with Todd, but his behavior only got worse. I honestly thought he could kill me or kill someone else with the bad acid. Also, when Todd’s MDMA dealers came up short he started putting them down with sedatives and robbing them. One of them was knocked out for three days and ended up in the hospital. It turns out that this dealer of his went to the DEA about Todd, but no one new about it until trial. Despite all my reasoning, walking in to that DEA office was still one of the hardest things I have ever done. Even though I knew that I was just narcing out a narc, it was still a very difficult thing to do.

Of course, within days somehow Todd found out that we had gone in. I think the DEA must have told him about it. They never ended up doing anything to stop Todd. If the DEA would have listened to my warnings, Brad never would have gotten kidnapped. You see, there were two reasons Todd kidnapped and tortured Brad in front of me. Todd wanted me back under his control and, more importantly, Todd wanted me to understand what happens to people when they narc on him.

I want to make it clear that I never kidnapped or tortured Brad and I was not convicted of kidnapping or torturing Brad. I also was never charged for “torture of a teenager, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and drug trafficking”. My crime was that I was there when Brad was being tortured and that I did not call 911. I had no options; Todd told me that if I did not do exactly what he said he would inject Brad with something that would make him permanently mentally handicapped. He then said that he (or one of his employees) would find me and do the same thing to me. I was afraid, and I knew that Todd meant what he said.

At the time, I also felt that calling the police wouldn’t do any good. I mean, I had already went the police when Todd kidnapped me and I had already went to the DEA. My efforts at involving law enforcement in this whole mess had done absolutely nothing. I was trying to maneuver through a mine field and there were no good options available to me. So I tried to keep Brad calm and quiet so that way Todd wouldn’t inject him with more drugs. I also tried to make sure Brad had fluids like Gatorade to drink to keep his strength up. I did the best I could with what was available to me at the time. And I go to sleep each night knowing that we both made it out of this ordeal alive. I truly believe that if I would have called 911 neither of us would be able to speak out about this situation today. I wish I would’ve had the foresight to not have gotten Brad involved with Todd at all and for that I am sorry. I’m also deeply sorry that Todd kidnapped and tortured Brad; I wish I could have done more to prevent it.

Because I did not call 911, I pled no contest to Felony Accessory After the Fact and received a diversion and $52,000 fine for restitution. After jury trial, Todd was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for what he did to Brad. Hauck was given a suspended sentence with no fine. The sad thing is, Todd was never charged for kidnapping me, assaulting me, or drugging me against my will. It’s like law enforcement didn’t care what happened to me or that I was a victim also. They only cared about their conviction; they knew they had Todd on kidnapping Brad so there was no point in charging him for kidnapping and assaulting me.

I haven’t done a video about the kidnapping because it is really hard for me to talk about.  I have been diagnosed with PTSD because of the things Todd did to me.  Ever since these people have been spamming me, I have started having nightmares again.  Even though this stuff happened to me six years ago. It’s like, the more I think about how Todd abused me the more it comes to the surface in my dreams. So, hopefully this article will suffice and we can put this whole thing to rest.

Now I need to address the fact that NeuroSoup is not funded or ran by the DEA. I absolutely hate the DEA, the hypocrisy of DEA agents, and the fundamental premise under which the DEA operates. There is no way that I will ever work with them or even speak to them again. I went to them for help when I really needed it and they turned their back on me. The one time that they actually could have done some good, they chose not to. They should have busted Todd when they had the chance because Brad would have never gotten kidnapped and three years of my life would have never gotten ruined by having a court case hanging over my head. Just think about it, after the DEA chose not to help me – why would I help them or work with them on a project?  THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL I WILL EVER EVEN TALK TO THE DEA AGAIN, if they ever contact me I will lawyer up.

Now back to the spammers: I try to look at their motives; I can’t figure out why any individual person would waste the kind of time that they are by emailing individual people, emailing NeuroSoup sponsors, spamming all of my comments sections on my videos, flagging my videos, etc.  I think they must be DEA/narcs trying to put a stop to what I am doing. Whatever their motives, I can assuredly say that they are not doing it for the greater good.

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