Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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LSD – Blew Out Grandad’s Windows

LSD – Blew Out Grandad’s Windows: Integrating Psychedelic Experience by by M. Phil and Roderick Read is the August 2015 psychedelic book club selection.

This book is a zany romp through the psychedelic sixties and seventies written by an actual “Psychedelic Grandpa”, who was there back then. It may be worth a look for those who today experiment with substances and strange experiences, or for parents, other old trippers, or the curious. He remembers the madness of tripping out of it on LSD, many times, in the UK and USA and tries to make sense of the weird and wonderful events ensuing as humorous reflections on the brain contents so revealed. All the while he is considering maybe he was “round the bend” and tipped into psychosis or some superreal reality; “what is real?” or “what to believe?” are recurrent phrases and themes, today they are memes, questions we all ask.

Does it eventually matter? It is a mad world under destruction we are living in anyway. Maybe when the reducing safety valve of banal everyday consciousness is removed all minds are capable of visiting cosmic dimensions previously only accessible to odd far-seeing visionaries and shamanic interpreters of other dimensions. Perhaps new recognition of the capabilities of the mind as revealed by super psychedelics reveals a new way ahead, into a spirit dimension. – from amazon

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