Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Marijuana Study Reports Positive and Negative Findings

“On Monday, the scientific journal Addiction released a sweeping new review of 20 years of research into the recreational use of marijuana. Dr. Wayne Hall, director of the Centre for Youth Substance Abuse Research at the University of Queensland and an adviser to the World Health Organization, began the review in 1993. At that time, there were “very few epidemiological studies of the health effects of cannabis,” he says. The existing scientific literature was “dominated” by “animal studies from the 1970s,” and the only human laboratory studies available were from the late ’70s and early ’80s. And even those analyzed only “the effects of sustained cannabis use over 7–35 days on the health of college students.”

What changed to make a review like this possible? Two things: First, people are smoking more weed. “During the past half-century,” the authors say, “recreational cannabis use has become almost as common as tobacco use among adolescents and young adults,” which means there are simply more weed smokers to study.”


  1. 15 to 70 g for an overdose?!?!! that is absolutely not accurate! i personally smoked those quantities in one day and more and I AM NOT DEAD. i also witnessed many of my friends consume that amount in 24h and they are all alive and well…take for example extracts, it tales about 30g to make 3g of shatter with is the most concentrated form of the plant. so if you smoke 10g of shatter in 24h you die?!?watch this guy do 22g hit of concentrate the equivalent of 220g of cannabis… . the second argument is smoking and driving is bad… actually its a bit like alcohol. a friend of mine who has his medicinal licence had his licence revoked by the government calming the possibility of impairment so he went to medical specialists and they proved throu many tests that he had to smoke 8g in one sitting ( again debunking the first claim since he smoked an other 10g at home after that lol ) to be impaired enough not to drive of the equivalent of the .08 alcohol level… there was also an other study that proved that cannabis users were safer then other drivers so there!! 😛 😉 now about the addiction thing yes i admit that its my blanky and i do automaticly turn to it in hard situations but they say 1 in 10. they don’t speak about possible mental or physical illnesses… i have ptsd since i was 9 and i can tell you ever since my first joint it was love. they always use words like possibly witch implies that its there opinion and not hard fact. dont get me started on the iq thing… “i could have a negative impact on learning abilities…” it just so happens that i just read a study that proved that it raises the “iq” of a persson and helps focus in in tasks like studding… as long as you resist the munches 😛 LUNG CANSER IF YOU OVER SMOKE IT !!! OMG!!! cannabis is proven to rebuild and cleanse the lungs!!! they are testing it to replace steroids for asma patients.

    ok you know im a big supporter of you an neurosoup but this video felt like soft propaganda :/ so many lies in 5 minutes… omg.

  2. It is regrettable that we still read those kind of misinformation .

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  3. ty for that :D!! i did not mention it but i met the host of the video above once long ago and he told me that they were the equivalent of the colbert report but for the opposite side… i looked at him in disbelief and responded that the colbert report was obviously a satire caricature that he himself admits on the show as this show is presenting itself as serious no bullshit truth like fox news feeding people disinformation under the guise of “fact” and “truth” i told him shame on you and walked away… thats why i was surprised to see it here 🙂

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