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MDAI Trip Report

by rc_user_umpteen – July 1, 2010

Hi.  I’ve used MDAI quite a few times, including in combination with other drugs (4-FA, and a mix of cathinones, and usually with some alcohol).  I’ll give a generic report of what it’s like on its own (i.e. with just a bit of alcohol!).

Dose – 150mg (I’m a 70kg male)

Tends to take about 30-45 mins to come on, depending on fullness of stomach.  It’s quite a difficult experience to describe, being rather like MDMA in its physical effects, but without the euphoria, empathy and energy (all the positive effects I suppose!).  It is however, still quite fun and does create a smiley ‘high’, just nothing as strong as ‘euphoria’.  The effects are fairly short-lived, about 2h, fading gradually with no ‘crashing’ negative feelings as it wears off.  It can be difficult to sleep afterwards for a couple of hours, so while it doesn’t feel like a strong stimulant, it does interfere with sleep.

On some occasions, it has felt more ‘dancy’ and I have taken it in a club to reasonable effect.  Other occasions it has not given any energy at all.

This substance doesn’t have similar recreational value even to cathinones, and certainly isn’t a replacement for MDMA.  I do feel ‘high’ after taking MDAI, but I don’t feel euphoric or ‘loved up’ as with MDMA.

It is quite interesting in combination with other drugs.  For example with 4-FA, a 150mg dose of MDAI was much more intense, and felt quite similar to MDMA with strong physical effects, some disorientation, but still not the same euphoria and empathy as MDMA.

Side Effects:

Very little in the way of negative effects.  The physical effects include bruxism and nystagmus.  I have suffered sensitive teeth afterwards, presumably connected to the bruxism.

Very little after-effects the following day.  Felt fine to drive, go rock climbing, etc.  Much more ‘benign’ feeling than cathinones or MDMA, which cause ‘fuzziness’, lack of energy, headaches etc the following day.

Doesn’t seem to cause mid-week depression as MDMA does for me (although I have experienced this once, it’s very difficult to establish any link to the MDAI).

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