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Mephedrone Trip Reports

Last Updated on December 16, 2009

Mephedrone Trip Report #1:

by Recury

I live in the UK and at the moment Mephedrone is legal here and very easy to obtain from the internet. A lot of the websites claim the substance is high in purity and the prices tend to value at around £10 – £15 per individual gram. This is particularly cheap by comparison to the usual street value of MDMA or Cocaine which tend to get sold at £40+ per gram.

The Mephedrone itself tends to come in the form of crystal powder and requires additional preparation if you want to avoid things like bleeding noses or sore throats. I recommend if you’re snorting it, you ensure the substance is crushed and cut until it resembles a fine white powder, consuming this way will reduce stinging and nose-bleeds.

I’ve been using it for about three months on and off; I have also been mixing it with Methylone which I believe enhances the effect to a certain extent although I think I will need to experiment a little more with Mephedrone on its own before I can come to a conclusion.

But generally, I seem to have experienced a heightened sense of euphoria, although I feel it acts more like an amphetamine. I have experienced increased energy, insomnia, excitement, talkativeness – in fact I’d say it was more akin to Cocaine and/or Speed. Sometimes it has made me feel nervous, and I think it could easily create anxiety and panic in people, especially if they are in unfamiliar or socially overwhelming environments – this is something I have experienced myself recently and I would say is perhaps one of the negative sides of taking it.

Like with all drugs, I think the state of mind you are in before you take it is very important and being in a familiar environment will also help to ensure a more enjoyable experience.

I have also found that mixed with alcohol (in careful measures) or marijuana, it tends to help me maintain a sense of clarity and cancels out the more cloudy effects of the depressants. Of course, too much alcohol and weed tends to over-take the experience of the Mephedrone.

Overall, I’d say the effects are shorter and more subtle by comparison to the likes of illegal substances such as Cocaine and Ecstasy but like cocaine, without discipline, it is easily addictive.

Mephedrone Trip Report #2:

by J. Cassady

i bought some pill at a head shop in Ireland called Mint Mania sold as plant food not for human consumption…. i brought them back to the US and took two before a Dave Mathews band concert i began to feel really good after 35min. while i was waiting for a friend to get out of the bathroom the effects were just kicking in i was standing in place and moving my hands in the air feeling very euphoric i went to my seats and didn’t sit the entire night i danced my ass off and was very talkative and really appreciative of the world life and our planet. i was feeling the music the whole night dancing non stop and talking a lot. after the show i went to smoke a joint i threw up and was dry heaving for hours i felt like shit a horrible crash after 4-5 hours of being on the drug . several weeks later i took two again before a slightly stoopid concert i dance felt very confident felt great but not as great as the 1st time i did it weeks earlier my teeth were grinding a lot and my body temperature was dropping after the concert i was real depressed this time i drank a lot of water while on the drug and didnt have as bad of a crash but still a crash after 4-5 hours.

Mephedrone Trip Report #3:

by D. Moore

I binged on Mephedrone for 3 days straight after no food or sleep by the end i experience extremed paranoia, anxiousness and panic attacks. The feeling of having no control and idea of your surroundings was the worst i’ve ever felt. Although its an amazing buzz and doesnt compare to anything else its highly addictive i feel with every breath i draw, the craving for this little known chemical.

Mephedrone Trip Report #4:

by Icsteia

The euphoria was better than any drug i’ve experienced.  it was really quite like mixing coke and molly together.  it was so euphoric (probably because i insufflate a large amount) that i feel close to passing out each time i do it and my eyes flutter/roll in ecstasy.

it’s easy to feel connected to everything on mephedrone.  i find myself connecting to people i love even deeper when i’m upped on meph.  it makes me more confident.  i feel more sexier on meph, and it causes me to talk to more people because i like to share my confidence the meph.

My sight is more zig zagged and chaotic, but it’s very lovely.  in fact, the air looks like you can see the energy as a distinct substance quality.  blown pupils.  auditory doesn’t do much, though, but then i’ve never been the one to appreciate my auditory experience as much as my visual.

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