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Morning Glory: Heavenly Blues, Flying saucers, Pearly gates

by Nirvana – Feb 6, 2012

More Info On Morning Glory Seeds

500 seeds – duration 18+ hours – effect as follows…

In humble words i speak of the frightening potency of the aforesaid plant. This flower holds the power to as i quote Snape from harry potter, “to bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses.” however the intoxicating effects may be more potent than you might expect.

Photo by  PiccoloNamek

Photo by PiccoloNamek

After much study of the morning glory plant and its historical use as an entheogen by the Aztec, as well as numerous people on Erowid; the decision to partake in the mystic herb came at no surprise to my friend.

Our discussion over proper methods of ingestion had began to flow into the anticipation of dirty looks from the teller at the local walmart. To my friend, purchasing surreal amounts of flower seed brought on similar anxiety as to what one might expect with purchasing similar quantities of cold medicine. The transaction however seemed almost routine as i purchased the seeds from and elderly woman working the garden center till. My sketchy friend walking behind as if at any point a slew of agents were going to spring forth cuffing us under some analog act against ergot chemicals.

The seeds themselves were non coated organic, easily grinded in a pepper grinder and placed into a dramatic chalice for the purpose of our theatrically themed ceremony. In addition to the raw seed we added some orange juice, “not the best choice mind you” to the the golden cup and began to chug the swill.

The texture was gross, only further enhancing my then growing fears over my friends wild nature when it came to drugs. The one redeeming factor being that two other friends had come along to ensure that we wouldn’t come to any harm during our trip.

Within 45 min, the all to familiar halo of light began to form across my now slightly more vivid vision. Accompanying this was the wrenching feeling of pain and nausea in my gut. Being that my friend was now attempting to influence the further, and poorly made plans, i decided to go outside and attempt a natural remedy to my nausea. The marijuana however was still not dry in the shed, leaving me out of luck and searching for a place to lay down and calm my insides.

After reaching a tree, i began to feel a slight gravitation towards the ground. The night air now feeling as if it were increasing in pressure and suddenly and violently releasing itself as if a valve were opening and shutting. The now animistic draw towards the tree, began to cause me to crawl across the lawn grasping at the almost godlike protection i felt from it.

There i lay beneath its outstretched branches, bare of all leaves, and beckoning me into the soil, up its trunk and into its being. The pulsating branches giving me a unchanging sense of peace and faith in the fact that it and i were inherently connected.

To my friends it seemed that i was totally lost to the world, rolling about the tree and apparently laughing uncontrollably. They had brought me inside and now placed me and my now energized friend into the car and were driving to and unknown destination. No recollection between the tree and the car but an almost anecdotal idea of how i got there. The flypast spectacles of concrete and people becoming a threatening lift between the construct of reality and the vivid patterns that separate and distance each object from its both similar and adjacent cousins.

The poorly planned excursion resulted in me and my friends sitting outside of a Nordstrom, eating ice cream, and discussing how strange it was that the music inside the store failed to reach us now sitting less than a yard away. The possible explanations being a mix of matrix like conspiracy theory and failed attempts to recreate the mathematics we neither knew nor had the faculties to express.

During this period of time i observed a horrifying similarity in social behavior of the people exiting and entering the store. I came to the conclusion that my culture was built off of greed and people pretending to be a stereotype. These people i am watching doing not what they want to do, but copying the actions and personalities of those whom they find the most admirable. The standard to which they were striving to attain created not of survival, love, practicality, or especially creativity; But out of the need to be the most expensive and themselves unattainable for others. The experience leaving me uncomfortable with capitalism for a while afterwards.

It seemed that for my friend, the seeds worked in opposite order of the way in which the effect was observed in my case. His experience, the most powerful during the period following the trip into the mall. He began to slowly drift into a catatonic state. His eyes unresponsive to lights and his entire body limp. He would at times repeat what we said, laughing when we laughed and responding with one word responses totally unrelated to the question when asked about both complex and simple subjects. We were all frightened, because this became so intense to the point that he was no longer an individual, but a husk of a person, lost inside himself. He would only perform basic ticks, that he had been subconsciousness trained to do, like laugh when others laugh. tilt his head when asked a question, and frown when yelled at “even about something positive”. The only way that he would respond to us was in one word responses, as if the format of his mind would connect the two. The question with the answer. the most notable are listed below.

your mother- bitch. True but a trained response
Leader- guilt
pain- mistake
food- guilt
guilt- joy
god- humanity

His state became totally unresponsive, resulting in total panic from the group. At which point we made sure he was on his side, so as not to vomit and asphyxiate. The shroomlike feeling still following us into the following morning upon both us waking. And stories of the trip, being for him a lifetime. The most intense hallucinations and total loss of control, fear, pain, thought itself. Just accepting what happened, not anticipating the next or understanding the previous. Living in the moment.


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