Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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Psychedelics and the Study of the Soul with Neal Goldsmith

This talk focuses on:

1. Why are psychedelics so helpful in psychotherapy?

2. Can psychedelic therapy repair malfunctions in natural development? Speed up the natural developmental process? Trigger immediate transformative change in novel areas? Provide sustainable therapeutic change?

3. In exploring personal growth with psychedelics, is it ultimately necessary to deal with one’s childhood “demons,” or can they be transcended through blissful psychedelic experiences?

4. Neurosis is the natural, stepwise unfolding of human maturation. It’s not about pathology, but spiritual immaturity.

5. Empathy and acceptance — love — for our parents and ourselves enables us to relax and release the knot in our psyche, to dis-identify with the defensive personality and re-identify with our original, core self — to finally complete our childhood.

6. The desire for change is a reflection of the problem, not of the solution.

7. Transformative developmental change is possible through a stepwise, dualistic dance — a combination of transcendent and cathartic therapeutic approaches.

8. Simply being is not the result of active pursuit, but rather the natural result of releasing the self from the encumbrance or distraction of an immature personality strategy.

9. Stunted or skewed development can be gotten back on track, but psychedelics are not cognitive development — or enlightenment — in a pill.

10. Psychology must again become the study of the soul: Psycheology.

11. Psychedelics can trigger insight, but behavior change takes time, and in this culture, such realignment is often harder to sustain than we acknowledge.

Bonus Question 🙂

12. How should psychedelics be rescheduled? How regulated should their use become? How will psychedelics be reintegrated into medicine, science, religion and society – and how will that change the world?

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