Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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Reflections on Life, LSD, and DMT with Owsley Stanley

Owsley Stanley, born Augustus Owsley Stanley III and also known as Bear, was the first private individual to manufacture mass quantities of LSD including the famous White Lightning and Monterey Purple. Considered by many as one of the legends of the sixties counterculture, Bear Stanley denies his heroic status, and spends his days working on various sculptures and writing essays on subjects such as the importance of carbon dioxide, the primary and only ‘plant food’, to the expansion of food crops and life on earth, fair and equitable taxation (equal and low percentage on all ‘income’), a proper run-off method to determine the results of elections and how to unify and balance law making. Writing laws in ordinary language rather than legalese. Including ‘sunset clauses’ to allow change to adjust to the rapid changes in today’s world– amongst others. He is renowned for his contribution to sound engineering, particularly working with live gig iconoclasts, the Grateful Dead, and perfecting the idea of on-stage monitors and high quality PA’s. A tireless archivist, he kept a ‘diary’ of his front-of-house mixes, including hundreds of Grateful Dead performances, and has seen the release of a number of albums from his “sonic journal” tapes of PA mixes. Bear was a minor participant in the Acid Tests of Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters. 

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