Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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  1. Here is a rational drug policy:

    These drugs are just like pitbulls.
    They are great dogs.
    However, when a pit bull bites the potential for catastrophic damage is highly likely.
    Pitbulls do not let go.
    They hang on until the battle is over.
    By that time a child is injured, hurt beyond repair, or dead.
    A pitbull is not the average dog.

    LSD and related drugs are not average drugs.

    Don’t do these drugs.

    Problem solved.

    I hope you have the courage to keep this comment on your website.

    • Ergil

      I believe it’s non of government’s business what kind of substances people take.
      One of the reasons chemists around the world keep inventing all kinds of synthetic shit and distributing it without consideration to their potential dangerous side effects – is that governments banned all the good old well-known drugs.

      LSD is a substance much safer than alcohol. It’s almost safer than water. You need to drink about 10 liters of water to get yourself killed and there were several cases of such deaths. But there hasn’t been known a single death from LSD overdose.

      Chemists can invent drugs faster than the legislature can ban them. In Russia people get stoned with so called “bath salts” (all the MDPV, methylone or mephedrone kind of shit legally sold aroung here). These things are reported to likely make you an imbecile from one single use. Couldn’t they just leave the good old LSD? Hell it’s been studied since before our parents were born. LSD is safer than alcohol for fuck’s sake.
      Had not alcohol been known for such a long time it would probably got banned the first thing in the morning. People die in tens of thousands from alcohol-induced diseases. People get murderous being drunk, people drunk-drive, people just plain drink themselves to death. But hell – governments ban LSD. When was the last time anyone died or gotten himself a liver cancer from LSD?

  2. I don’t agree Ergil with you ‘that it’s non of government’s business what kind of substances people take’, because at the end of the day it’s us-taxpayers who’s have to pay taxes in order to cover the costs of treatments at hospital in order fix the damages caused by drugs. Maybe LSD doesn’t cause such damages like alcohol, but still some people do not know what does moderation mean and overdose everything they can possibly do. Legalization of drugs would definitely increase number of people in hospitals. How they would cope with such a costs in hospital? This is issue which government would need to resolve though.

    • Ergil

      Well it certainly is true that no one should be forced to pay anothers bills. Including healthcare bills. The answer is simple – private healthcare not funded by taxation.

      Drugs have been decriminalized in Portugal for example. In ten years that led to a drastic decline in overdoses and a decline in drug addicts numbers too. That’s because drugs being legal it is possible to consume them in controlled enviroments.
      It is well known that even with alcohol the probability of drunk violent accidents is hugely lower for places like bars and restaraunts in comparison with drinking at home or out on the street. Because people consuming in controlled enviroments act more responsible. And they actually prefer controlled enviroments.
      Even though drinking at a bar is usually much more expensive than just buying a bottle of vodka and getting wasted – people still prefer drinking in bars. I witnessed this in Russia with my own eyes. We had almost no bars and affordable restaraunts before 1991 and now they are plenty. I can see the difference. Same is with any other drug.

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