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Transcendental Meditation – An Overview

There is a rich, unbounded field of creativity, energy, and intelligence within each of us. To the degree we’re able to draw from this inner field of life, we grow in health, happiness, and success in our outer life.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (Photo by Jdontfight)

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi – Founder of TM
(Photo by Jdontfight)

Your Unlimited Potential

The Transcendental Meditation technique is a simple, natural procedure to gain deep rest— and contact that inner reservoir of creativity, energy and intelligence—to gain its support in all you do and to enrich your life day by day.

Everyone can learn to practice the Transcendental Meditation technique successfully. It’s easy and enjoyable—just 20 minutes twice a day sitting comfortably with the eyes closed. It requires no effort or concentration, no special skills or change of lifestyle. You don’t even have to believe that it works! Meditate regularly twice a day and you’ll get results.

Restful Alertness

During the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique, the mind and body settle down to experience a unique state of restful alertness. As the mind becomes more silent, the body becomes deeply relaxed. At the most settled state of awareness, the mind transcends all mental activity to experience the simplest form of awareness, Transcendental Consciousness.

Scientific research has shown that the experience of Transcendental Consciousness is correlated with greater creativity, improved learning, higher IQ, better grades, higher moral reasoning, increased brainwave coherence, and improved neurological functioning of the body.

The Transcendental Meditation technique is a practical, proven procedure for developing more energy, creativity, and intelligence—for awakening the unlimited potential of your mind and body and enjoying greater health, happiness, and success in life.

Total brain functioning

Expanded awareness and deep rest

Natural and effortless

Brain functioning becomes highly orderly and coherent—the total brain becomes enlivened. Regular practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique develops the brain’s total potential.

Your mind spontaneously and naturally settles down to a quiet, alert, and expanded state while your body enjoys deep, refreshing rest.

The Transcendental Meditation technique is practiced 20 minutes twice a day while sitting comfortably with your eyes closed.

The TM Technique

The Transcendental Meditation technique is a simple, natural, effortless, easily learned technique practiced for 20 minutes twice a day, sitting comfortably with the eyes closed. The practice is not a religion or philosophy, nor does it require any change of lifestyle.

What It Is

The Transcendental Meditation technique is:

  • Simple—The Transcendental Meditation technique is not difficult or complicated to learn or practice; it’s a simple procedure.
  • Natural—There is no manipulation of the mind or suggestion.
  • Effortless—The Transcendental Meditation technique is easy to practice and requires no ability to concentrate or control the mind.
  • Easily and quickly learned—Anyone beginning from age 10 can learn the Transcendental Meditation technique easily in seven simple steps.
  • Practiced for 15 to 20 minutes twice daily—The Transcendental Meditation technique is practiced once in the morning and again in the afternoon or early evening.
  • Sitting comfortably—No awkward or uncomfortable positions are necessary to practice the Transcendental Meditation technique.

What It Isn’t

The Transcendental Meditation technique is not a religion, a philosophy, or a lifestyle.

  • It’s not a religion—The Transcendental Meditation technique is a simple, natural technique practiced by millions of people of all religions, including clergy. Practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique does not require or involve faith or any particular set of beliefts.
  • It’s not a philosophy—It’s an effortless, scientific technique that is universally applicable, repeatable and verifiable by anyone, anywhere.
  • It’s not a lifestyle—It’s an enjoyable technique. You don’t have to change your lifestyle in order to start the Transcendental Meditation technique. Just learn it, practice it, and enjoy the benefits.

What Clergy Say

“Transcendental Meditation is like a daily vacation. It’s a renewal for my body and calms my mind. I do a lot of writing and speaking, and it has given me a flood of creativity.

“I’ve always felt that the Transcendental Meditation technique was an aid to my Christian growth. It never replaced my Christian growth, but it was an aid to it. In fact, I decided to commit my life to Christ after I’d been practicing Transcendental Meditation for three months.

“I would say to any Christian—to anyone of any religion—that Transcendental Meditation would benefit your life. It’s a technique, a simple process that requires no belief. It is not a religion. There are so many thoughts that clutter the mind, and Transcendental Meditation is like taking a bath—it’s very cleansing and very refreshing.”

—Rev. Dr. Craig Overmyer, a pastoral counselor in Indianapolis, Indiana

I wouldn’t be able to fulfill my responsibilities as a rabbi to the level I expect of myself without the Transcendental Meditation technique. I am better able to deal with the stresses of being with the sick and the dying, and the pressures of funerals, weddings, and bar mitzvahs because I have within me a considerable reservoir of calm. I am able to walk into a tense situation and naturally settle people down. They appreciate the ease and calm I bring to situations.

“But even more important, Transcendental Meditation has made me a better rabbi because it has given me an experience and insight into the profound depths of life. As a result, I am able to express a true depth of knowledge about my own tradition.”

—Rabbi Alan Green of Beth Israel Synagogue in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Why It’s Unique Among Meditation Techniques

The Transcendental Meditation program is unique because of its source, practice, proof, and universality. These four attributes distinguish it from all other meditation techniques, systems of stress reduction, or programs for personal development available in the world today.

“I think the most important quality for learning is alertness and receptivity—both in class and while studying after school. I find TM refreshes my mind and body and makes learning so much easier.”
—Heather Hartnett, Student

A Timeless Tradition

The Transcendental Meditation technique comes from an ancient tradition of knowledge—the Vedic tradition of India—that has stood the test of time as an advanced science and technology of consciousness. The Vedic Tradition has carefully maintained the purity of this practice for thousands of years, ensuring its effectiveness for us today.

An Effortless Practice

It is easy and enjoyable, bringing the mind to a silent yet fully awake state of awareness—Transcendental Consciousness—the source of thought, the inner reservoir of creativity, energy, and intelligence. Unlike other meditation techniques, there is no concentration or contemplation, no effort to hold or control the mind.

Scientific Proof

Its effects and benefits have been documented by more than 600 scientific research studies conducted at 200 universities and research institutions in 35 countries. The National Institutes of Health has contributed more than $21 million to verify the benefits of the Transcendental Meditation technique. No other program for personal development has received this level of attention  and respect from the scientific community.

Universal Benefits

Anyone can practice the technique successfully—more than six million people have learned worldwide. If you can think a thought, you can practice the Transcendental Meditation technique. And when you practice the technique regularly, twice a day, you’ll gain a wide range of benefits for your mind, your body, your relationships, your community, and your world.

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