Wednesday, December 13, 2017
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Zombies, Mad Scientists, and Legal Highs: Panel Discussion about Harm Reduction with Emerging Drugs

What do we know about “new” and “emerging” drugs and how do we know it? When it comes to these drugs — some of which have been around for many years — how do we separate the science from the media panic? What role does peer-based information play? Are there better policy options than criminalizing new drugs? How can you do harm reduction when you don’t even know what drugs you’re dealing with? Learn about lessons and best practices from people who answer these questions all the time. This session was filmed at the International Drug Policy Reform Conference in Denver, Colorado, 2013.

Facilitator: Stefanie Jones, Event Manager, Drug Policy Alliance, New York, NY

• Ross Bell, Executive Director, New Zealand Drug Foundation, Wellington, New Zealand
• Tim Bingham, National Pharmacy Liaison Worker, HSE Addiction Services, Limerick City, Ireland
• Maria Carvalho, Lecturer, Faculty of Education & Psychology, Catholic University, Porto, Portugal
• Carissa Cornwell, National Outreach Director, DanceSafe, Madison, WI
• James Dunne, Senior Associate, Chen Palmer, Wellington, New Zealand
• Grant Smith, Federal Policy Manager, Drug Policy Alliance, Washington, DC

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